1. J

    [solved] HELP - WebMediaPortal works over internet but when attempting to stream media "File not found" error

    Been scratching my eyeballs out trying to get this to work! Have everything set up correctly: I'm trying to access WebMediaPortal over the internet but when I try to play a movie it returns the following error: "Error Loading Media: File Not Found". I am not using a NAS and have set up the...
  2. regeszter

    [Info] How to tuning MPExended

    Hi, I like to share some info regards tuning of the MExtended. The profiles are stored in c:\ProgramData\MPExtended\StreamingProfiles.xml This is a ffmpeg profile from StreamingProfiles.xml <TranscoderProfile> <Name>Android FFmpeg HD</Name> <Description>HD-quality Android profile based...
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