[solved] HELP - WebMediaPortal works over internet but when attempting to stream media "File not found" error (1 Viewer)


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June 7, 2017
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Been scratching my eyeballs out trying to get this to work! Have everything set up correctly:

I'm trying to access WebMediaPortal over the internet but when I try to play a movie it returns the following error: "Error Loading Media: File Not Found".

I am not using a NAS and have set up the server on this PC which is connected via ethernet to a Domain Network (it is an office pc). I have set up MPExtended and MediaPortal on the local account on this PC and have set the Log On of the service to Local System Account. The Media files are located on an external hard drive which has been configured in Moving Pictures. I have also set up the port-forwarding in the router settings and allowed access to the port in the firewall settings.

Not sure if necessary but I also set up the IIS as explained in the Wiki section.

Can anyone please help me? Also attached log files.

Thank you! :)

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