1. T

    [Evaluate] New Feature - TvEngine: Can restrict series schedules to programs that start within a time window

    I've been testing changes I made to MP2's TvEngine that allows the user to have more control on how the three series schedule types work (i.e EveryTimeOnThisChannel, EveryTimeOnEveryChannel, WeeklyEveryTimeOnThisChannel). I've added a new column/property to the TvDatabase.Schedule table/class...
  2. regeszter

    [solved] MPTvScheduler - Android client for MediaPortal and TvServer

    Hi, This is an Android client for MediaPortal. The interface is the MPExtended Service 0.6.0 Beta10. If you use MP2 please install the MPExtended Service 0.6.0 Beta10 from here. I suggest for the Windows 64 bit users to replace the in-built 32 bit ffmpeg to 64 bit from...
  3. N

    TV Server scheduling EVERYTHING to record

    Hi all - urgent help needed please! :( I've got a very critical issue occurring on my main MP client. I first noticed it when I was getting an error on the client stating Live TV was stopping as there were no available tuners due to recording. As I wasn't recording anything I go to check the...
  4. M

    Automatic scheduling of movies

    Is it possible to automatically schedule all programs with e.g. word "movie" (case insensitive) in the title? I can automatically schedule all series, but movies I have to schedule manually. Or is it possible to automatically schedule all programs that are over x minutes long? (value x can be set)
  5. D

    Schedule Listing Weirdness

    Can anyone explain why I can see 30+ items in the schedule table of the mysql db, but for some reason, MediaPortal only shows me the first 10 of them? It is getting very confusing, and as a result I have added multiple recordings of the same show because it didn't appear to be scheduled until I...
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