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    Slideshow Screensaver

    One feature we loved with Windows 7 WMC was the simple but effective screensaver slideshow, that could be configured to display photos that had a particular star-rating from specific directories at random. The star-rating feature was particularly useful, and we trawled through many photo albums...
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    Screensaver Slideshow?

    With the impending termination of support for Windows 7, I am another user who is migrating away from WMC and searching for an alternative. I have installed MediaPortal 2, and have enabled the WMC skin which looks great. One feature we loved with WMC was the screensaver slideshow that could be...
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    Photo Wall Screensaver / Visualization (a la WMC)

    As a past user of Windows Media Centre I'm loving the new WMC skin. It did get me thinking however of the screensaver that it used to have - It was a black & white photo wall that randomly scrolled up/down then zoomed into a photo and colourised it: I realise that getting something like this...
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    MP 1.13 screensaver & MessagePlugin issue

    I have recently upgraded my HTPC from Windows 7 to Windows 10 (clean install), and upgraded MediaPortal to 1.13 (don't remember which version I was running before, I think 1.12). I'm using MessagePlugin in combination with EventGhost to receive events from my TerraTec H7 IR receiver. In...
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