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August 22, 2006
Rotterdam, NL
Netherlands Netherlands
I have recently upgraded my HTPC from Windows 7 to Windows 10 (clean install), and upgraded MediaPortal to 1.13 (don't remember which version I was running before, I think 1.12).

I'm using MessagePlugin in combination with EventGhost to receive events from my TerraTec H7 IR receiver. In MediaPortal Configuration, I have enabled the screensaver to blank the screen, and I have enabled 'Turn off monitor when blanking screen' under Startup/Resume Settings. Other than that, all Windows power saving settings have been disabled (i.e. never sleep/hibernate).

This set-up works fine, except that once MP goes into screensaver mode, it doesn't resume normal operation when pressing buttons on my remote. I have to press a key on my keyboard to get MP out of screensaver mode. Once resumed from screensaver mode, MP responds to the remote buttons as usual again.

I can see in the EventGhost log that remote buttons are being processed as usual while MP is in screensaver mode, so for some reason MP is ignoring the events from EventGhost. In earlier versions of MP, I could simply wake up MP from screensaver mode by pressing any button on my remote.

Any idea why this is happening, and any ideas how to solve it?

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