1. squidina

    [solved] - MediaPortal 1.22 won't start even with new install

    Hi Guys, I've had MediaPortal running fine for many years, upgrading each version as and when it came out. I've had it start with Windows, and the family has been super happy with it. A couple of days ago, I flicked over to the PC and MP wasn't running. No dramas, I rebooted the system and...
  2. TheBatfink

    [solved] Homescreen tile labels are offset

    Hi. I just reinstalled MePo (1.9 pre Windows 10) and installed Titanius again. But when on the homescreen tiles their labels are all offset upwards a little? Any ideas? Here is a photo of the problem: I’ve tried reinstalling the fonts, I’ve changed windows to only be 100% font scaling...
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