1. P

    MP2 - V2.4 Recorded TV thumbs not being created

    I just installed MP2.4 on a new Win10 box (new test system for replacement of MP2.3 laptop) and its all working fine except that the thumbs for the recorded TV are not being created. I have checked the settings in the TV server configuration: 'Recordings' on the thumbs page and 'autocreate...
  2. volumia

    [solved] Q: thumbnail creation for Pictures plugin

    Something has been puzzling me for some time now, so figured why not ask here and see if anyone knows how to solve it. We keep a share to store all our pictures and video's from holidays and such and use MePo 1.20.0. The Pictures plug-in wil automatically generate thumbnails for all of them...
  3. Charlie TV

    Thumbnails are correct orientation but Images are incorrectly rotated

    Hi, So I have various pictures (several hundred from a recent trip) taken on a mobile phone. The thumbnails show the correct orientation so I presume EXIF works, however when I view the image it is the wrong way around! Is this a known issue or is there some setting I can change?? Cheers
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