1. R

    xmltv plug-in loads utc not localized time zone ... on SOME machines

    I have several installations of Media Portal 2.+, one 'real' one and one or more playpens. Fortunately I can get the real one to work. HOWEVER, on several machines loading the schedule, whether it comes from xmltv.com or SchedulesDirect, the times in the tv guide are off by 6 hours, not...
  2. M

    where is epg stored

    Hello, i have been having so much fun with the epg, if i use xmltv its out by 12 hours. fixed the problem but now mp1 wont import the xml data keeps saying it is already importing. if i use dvbepg which worked fine for the first week but then all of the data was unreadable its like its using an...
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