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September 16, 2015
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I have several installations of Media Portal 2.+, one 'real' one and one or more playpens. Fortunately I can get the real one to work.

HOWEVER, on several machines loading the schedule, whether it comes from xmltv.com or SchedulesDirect, the times in the tv guide are off by 6 hours, not incidentally the offset for my timezone, CST US. I have tried changing the +0000 time adjustment to -0600 in the xml file before loading it with the xmltv plug-in. That works on the real machine, but on some machines it does not work.

Checking the "Apply time compensation when loading tvguide.xml" and specifying -06 hours appears to do nothing.

I saw in one post that one problem was not having the clock update automatically update, but that's checked.

I have also fiddled the tz environment variable. That seems to make life worse.

Any clues are welcome.
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