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    [Evaluate] New Feature - TvEngine: Can restrict series schedules to programs that start within a time window

    I've been testing changes I made to MP2's TvEngine that allows the user to have more control on how the three series schedule types work (i.e EveryTimeOnThisChannel, EveryTimeOnEveryChannel, WeeklyEveryTimeOnThisChannel). I've added a new column/property to the TvDatabase.Schedule table/class...
  2. C

    MP tv recording not working

    Media portal TV recording was working a week ago and no longer works. Live TV can be watched but if I try to record live or set a timer for the future, it creates the timer but never records. When I reboot computer from Kodi, it says are you sure you want to reboot because the timer will start...
  3. E

    Tv recording date format

    The date shown for tv recordings does not include the year, even though the year has been included in the 'date format' in the 'home' plugin in configuration. I like to keep some recordings permanently and showing the year can be really useful. You can of course go to the actual recorded file...
  4. breese

    MP2 TV Recordings - Start and Stop Times

    When I schedule a show in TV for recordings, there is no option I can find to set the Start time and End times. Default is about 10 minutes before show and 10 minutes after. I even went into TV Setup and changed the start and end times to 1 minute before and 2 minutes after. Ideas or suggestions?
  5. Mobidic

    How to get started with MediaPortal 2 to do TV recording?

    My background is software development. I have been using Windows Media Center for ages. I did take a look at Media Portal years ago and after looking at the steps to install, well... I thought it's not worth my time. Now, I'm kind of stuck to take a second look, I want to to access recorded...
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