tv server configuration

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    Apply button in TV Server Confiurator

    Hello, I am in the process of configuring MP2 after the migration from TVmosaic. This means a lot of changes and testing the effect of them. Every change need at least a restart of the configurator, with its accompanying UAC prompt. Would it be possible to add an Apply button alongside withe...
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    Webradio in MP2.1pre

    Da es derzeit für MP2.1pre kein Webradio-Plugin gibt versuche ich seit geraumer Zeit den TV-Server für den Empfang von Radio-Streams zu konfigurieren - leider ohne den erhofften Erfolg. Mein Lieblingsradio (Radio Bob!) ist leider nicht bei Shoutcast zu finden und ich bekomm es nicht so...
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    [solved] TV Configuration will not start after initial installation

    OK have read the suggested posts and changed hosts file as per sanderg. No joy as yet! I have installed after much much much agony. MP client appears to be working, DB and TV services are running. I can configure MediaPortal. If I attempt to activate the TV Server Configuration application, I...
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