1. alien-man

    UHD Ruckelt

    Hallo an alle, ich habe das Problem, dass Filme in 4K im MP1 ruckeln. Windows spiel den Film ohne Probleme ab (ja, HEVC ist installiert). Nur im Mediaportal habe ich das Problem. Versteh aber nicht warum. Codec ist LAV MP1 in der Version 1.25 Hardware ist: Asrock J5005-ITX, Intel® UHD Graphics...
  2. AberDino

    4k TV Stutter with RTSP

    I recently bought myself a new amplifier (Denon AVR-X3500H) and decided to also upgrade to a 4K capable video card for my HTPC (ASUS GeForce GT 1030 2GB GDDR5). This card is connected to my amp via HDMI, and onward to my UHD TV. I have a separate TV server. I tuned in the Astra UHD Demo and SES...
  3. Hotkey

    Search for external Graphic Card to use UHD w. 60Hz

    Hi There, im currently using an Intel NUC (i5-5250U) with an internal Intel HD Graphics 6000 card, Unfortunately this card is not able to play UHD content (Movies/TV). So my first thought was about getting an external Graphics card which would allow me to watch UHD Movies/TV at 60hz. Gaming is...
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