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February 2, 2009
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Hi All

Here is my problem, i hope it isn't something simple i've over looked.

I added new series into my media drive, as i have done before, with no problem.
But in this instance when i load the tv series plug in, it asks for me to select the correct match for the series, adds it to the list of my series, but doesn't download any artwork, or link the local files to each episode in the list.

Going in to the tv series config revealed some more interesting things. The splash screen that comes up as it loads showed 30 series, 160 season, 0 episodes. Under the details tab, it lists all my series down the left side, however none of them have the "+" to drill down to individual seasons then episodes. I assume this is why it is claiming no episodes.

Now, every series that worked fine before this incident still works in the plug in, ie the episodes are linked to the the correct files and play fine. The new series i've added do not.

In an attempt to find out what was going on, i renamed the database folder, and ran the import again, as to make a fresh database. Perfect! everything is sweet.

So my questions are, what went wrong? Could this be a bug? Would there be a way to repair this?
Now with the new database, all i've really lost is the watched status of each episode, so no big deal. But would be interested in seeing if this is a one of problem.

I assume poking around in the corrupt database would probably solve some questions, but as i don't have any database reading software, plus i wouldn't know what i would be looking for.

Thanks in advance to the community, and for other issues you've helped me understand, and solve.


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    Usually the log file indicates if there is something wrong with the Database...possibly it got corrupt.

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