[TV] 0x800705AA error on tune (1 Viewer)


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April 18, 2009
Netherlands Netherlands
:( The problem is: I cannot reproduce, it does suddenly happen. The zip with logs i posted are all the logs present at the time it happened.
I noticed it was not working because the recordings where not present. The logs start with decrypting 1/8 so you should be able to analyse where the other channels are filled.


Portal Pro
April 18, 2009
Netherlands Netherlands
The subchannel count just keeps increasing at some point (After the first 0x... error). That seems like some serious issue. It is clearly visbile in the posted logs but here is an excerpt:

2009-09-12 22:24:23.617282 [6]: tvcard:FreeSubChannel: subchannels count 611 subch#-1 keep graph=False
2009-09-12 22:24:23.618283 [6]: tvcard:FreeSubChannel :-1 - sub channel not found

The 0x8... problem itself could be a system issue.

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