1.2.3 New install ... mp locks up when starting TV (1 Viewer)


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January 6, 2009
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My last HTPC went tits-up for some reason (my last post reported random freezes - the whole machine is doing it).

Clean-ish XP Sp3 I had MP on it as a client - added the TV card and Gfx card and expected to add the TV Server and be away.

I've ended up clean reinstalling MP 1.2.3. , intalling and uninstalling the Hauppauge components.
WinTV (Hauppauge app) works fine.
TV server grabs channels and EPG,and seems to stress test OK.
In MP, when I start TV nothing happens and MP just locks (task manager to quit)
Also, when using another client to watch TV streaming from this box, the same thing happens on the client box (also 1.2.3).

I've got some logs :)

At 8-28 on my client box, I tried to turn the TV on
Two minutes later I dumped out. These are the logs from the HTPC (the problem is the same here anyway),


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  • September 1, 2008
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    Hello mr_si

    You need to configure codecs in MP configuration:
    2012-10-27 20:28:21.343750 [Info.][MPMain(1)]: Failed filter: not found
    2012-10-27 20:28:21.343750 [Info.][MPMain(1)]: Failed filter: not found
    2012-10-27 20:28:21.359375 [Info.][MPMain(1)]: TSReaderPlayer: Render TsReader outputs
    2012-10-27 20:28:25.359375 [Info.][MPMain(1)]: TSreaderPlayer: Line21 Decoder (Closed Captions), in use
    2012-10-27 20:28:25.359375 [Info.][MPMain(1)]: TSReaderPlayer: Closed Captions state change successful
    2012-10-27 20:28:25.375000 [Info.][MPMain(1)]: VMR9: Pixel Adaptive capable
    2012-10-27 20:28:25.375000 [Info.][MPMain(1)]: VMR9: BOB Vertical Stretch capable
    2012-10-27 20:28:25.375000 [Info.][MPMain(1)]: VMR9: setting pixel adaptive succeeded
    2012-10-27 20:28:25.406250 [Info.][MPMain(1)]: TSReaderPlayer: Unable to start playing

    I suggest you use the MP extension installer to install the LAV codecs.


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