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May 14, 2009
Hi folks,

I got two quadlnbs attached to a multiswitch, one pointing on Astra, one pointing on Hotbird. Everytime I scan the transponders, all frequencies below 11.7 GHz show no signal. I'm using DiSEqC, and as all transponders above 11.7 GHz work properly, I assume that's configured allright. I read that the default LNB Switch frequency is about 11.7GHz and while I have no clue what this exactly means, it seems obvious to me, that this is no accident.

Does someone has a solution to that, or at least, can confirm?

Thanks in advance,

TV-Server Version: 1.0.2
MediaPortal Version: 1.0.2
1. TV Card: Hauppauge Nova-S-Plus
1. TV Card Type: DVB-S
1. TV Card Driver: current


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January 21, 2007
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No solution Im afraid, but I have a similar problem. I have 3 dishes, only one of them wont reliably work above 11.7 on Horizontal polarisation
The problem is that the LNB needs to be switched for High Frequency signals, and again for the polarisation. It is not too much of a problem for me at the moment, but it is a nusance.
I think it is likely to be a combination the Card (I use the Hauppauge Nova S+ as well), the Switch, or the LNB (I used an old one on that channel). Less likely to be MP.

All works well when plugged into a normal reciever. Sorry I cant be more help


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May 29, 2006
I've got the same problem.

My dish is set towards Hotbird 13E, no diseq.
I did the channel scanning with MP 1.0.2 and it got all channels below 11.7 GHz.
Above 11.7 Ghz there's a strange behaviour...

Many times it doesn't take any signal. Only one time it got all channels above 11.7 GHZ, but after one day, channels disappeared (in the list, but not visible)

With ProgDVB seems to work (I'm going to test it again).

My hardware is based on:

Athlon Xp 2.600+
2 GB Ram 533 Mhz
Nvidia 8.500 Passive
Hauppauge HVR 4000

Note: with a normal, free to air decoder I can see everything...

I'm trying to:

Disinstall MP 1.0.2 and install 1.0.0
Disinstall Hauppauge wintv 7 and install Power cinema with patch for 11.7 Ghz switch (as reported on hauppauge web site)

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