12.03.2009 RELEASED: NEW MOD: Moving Pictures B&W Skin v.0.1 (1 Viewer)


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December 23, 2008
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I would also prefer the Title (Year) construct, the IMDB also uses this notation. Example: Awake (2007).
This method doesn't consume as much space as your method, allowing one extra field in the title list.

Anyway, very nice work!
I would be glad to use your layout, since it is much better than the default (B&W) one....

Thanks for all the work!

Oke guys did some rework
i think this is what you guys want :)

btw if anyone can provide me a cool B and W clock icon i would be very thankfull want to integrate that also in the skin



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January 2, 2009
Netherlands Netherlands
Nice work!
I like the origninal black and white skin very much, but for moving pictures and for mytvseries i would like to see more focus on fanart like it is in monochrome and streamedmp for example.

So, is maybe something like this also possible for the tvseries plugin?


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  • October 27, 2008
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    awesome job Rico! looking forward to next revisions of this with filmstrip and thumbnail views too!

    next step is to have better looking tv-series too (fanart oriented), in the same style as this mod... any volunteers? :)


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    January 2, 2009
    Netherlands Netherlands
    Thank you! Looking great. Will try it on my htpc tonight.
    And yes, TV-Series layout in same style would be awesome :)


    some weeks ago i created a mod for tv series wich has more focus on fanart

    check this : mod-tv-series-plugin-more-focus-fanart

    is this what you mean or maybe if you tell me how you want it we can see togheter if we can create a cool mod :)
    I'm using your mod at the moment and it certainly is a step in the right direction.
    But something with even more focus on fanart would be great, something like the tvseries in monochrome skin but then in black and white colors would be awesome imho


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    June 14, 2008
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    very nice work. one small problem. the star rating at the top does not match the number rating at the bottom. i assume they are each rounded - and in different ways. Id be happier with the actual number (1 decimal place). Able to be done? Or at least get them to match! Thanks

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