4.2.2 works, 4.3.0 does not (for me) (1 Viewer)


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May 5, 2013
New Zealand New Zealand
I give up, I have tried multiple times dumping the database and starting from scratch, and still TVSeries just dumps all my shows randomly, but more often than not after coming back from suspend. totally ignores the don't scan for changes, and seems to forget which path(s) it is supposed to scan, never had these problems until upgrade to 4.3.0 so off with its head, back to 4.2.2 except i can't find it on the other box which is still running it, and working fine i might add, same setup, same path, no problems. In case anyone is interested, it still remembers all the shows info, as I can see in the config dialog in the far left pane, but refuses to show it in the gui.

Anyone have some way of me downloading and installing it? I tried the extensions installer but it errors out, and the link to the website is to google code, that ceased last year!! nice and up to date guys!

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