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May 8, 2011
So i finally got rid of my buggy imon display and replaced it with a generic 4x20 LCD display. After breathing a sigh of relief when i got it working with MePo, i went searching for ways to use up the full display, but came away empty handed and a bit confused.

After playing with xml files for a few hours, and restarting mediaportal countless times i have finally got something that uses my display to it's full potential - i think...

If anyone would like to try it out please do. Just keep in mind it is configured to my display and you may need to edit the settings in the xml to get it to work for you. It is currently set to:

UPDATE: I have changed a few values to smooth out scrolling, it was very jerky before as i didn't have the contrast set properly and the display had a ghost effect when scrolling. (see the 4th pic for an idea of the problem). Changes and new xml below
Backlight="58" -> 50
CharsToScroll="3" -> 1
Contrast="186" -> 220
ScrollDelay="600" -> 80
Please make a backup of your old minidisplay.xml first. I will not be held responsible if you break your display.



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