A Patch to Display National Symbols on IMon VFD (1 Viewer)


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February 28, 2008
Hello All!
Those of you who run MP on IMon VFD should have noticed that it doesn't display correct national symbols (Cyrillic, Greek or Central European). Of course you can make custom configuration (if you know VFD CG ROM), but it's very inconvenient.
I've tried to correct this situation. I've made a patch and submitted it to corresponding forum thread.
While it has status "Pending", I'd like to invite those of you who interested in it to be "beta-testers" and submit comments on possible errors in character mappings.
Currently I've implemented translation of code pages
win-1250 - Central European
win-1251 - Cyrillic
win-1252 - Western European
win-1253 - Greek
win-1254 - Turkish.
Of course, since we have only 240 characters CG ROM, many of those translation are just fallbacks to the most similar character in ROM. But it's anyway better than nothing.
MiniDisplayLibrary.dll with applied patch is attached. To test it replace existing library and don't forget to disable all character translations in MiniDisplay config options :)
If you noticed some errors in translation tables or have any suggestions, feel free to post comments here.


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