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November 3, 2010
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now i try my luck in the top forum because i can´t found a solution in the german part.

Here is my problem:

the PC wake up for a sheduled recording normal but doesn´t start the recording.
If i check the recording and do something in the client (select a menu or something else) the recording starts (if the sheduled recording is not finished).

In the log file is written:

[2019-01-01 11:12:03,106] [44942286] [scheduler thread] [DEBUG] - dvb: LockInOnSignal could not lock onto channel - no signal or bad signal
[2019-01-01 11:12:05,400] [44944581] [scheduler thread] [DEBUG] - scheduler: recording failed, lets try next available card.
[2019-01-01 11:12:05,400] [44944581] [scheduler thread] [DEBUG] - Scheduler: stop failed record ZDFinfo HD 01/01/0001 00:00:00-01/01/2019 12:00:00 DDR mobil

But if the client is active all is working fine. The signal on both tuners are OK.

Anbody know this stupid thing?

In the german thread are all logs and screenshots.
Meine ersten erfahrungen nach dem umstieg von mp1.20 zu mp 2.2

If more informations are necessary, please let me know

Thanks in advance


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November 3, 2010
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i have the problem, that no sheduled recordings are present. The PC wake up but did not start recording.
The Logfile shows me:
LockInOnSignal could not lock onto channel - no signal or bad signal

If i check the recording via client, the recording start normals.
Both tuners are working normal in live TV and recording, while client is running.

Now i search for similar problems and found this Log entry in threads from 2010 and later.
But no real solution.

@development: Is a checklist availible, the check or exclude the most problems for this issue? I try a lot of things without luck yet.

For me all was fine until Upgrade from Win7 to Win10.

pls help



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  • January 11, 2014
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    One request, please do not open multiple threads for the same problem. It makes it really hard to follow-up the topic.
    The second thread in English forum (because it could not be solved in German forum) is fully fine, but this thread is exactly the same as here.

    Edit: I moved the last post into this thread aswell.


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    When Windows 10 wakes up automatically for the recording, it will be in 'away' mode (screen off etc.). If there is user input from keyboard, mouse etc. it will switch to normal operating state (screen on etc.).

    I think 'away' mode is a low-power mode, so maybe the tuner is not fully 'awake' in this state? (just guessing - I've never seen this problem mentioned in the forum)

    Maybe check/try changing the 'advanced' Windows 10 power settings e.g. the PCI Express and USB power control?

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    November 3, 2010
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    i think, somethingis wrong with my Win10 Settings. Is there a checklist exists, which settings are necessary?


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    Check under the Multimediaeinstellungen, that's where the Away Mode setting is. I'm having issues myself with this as of lately, it's like some windows update has forced it upon us somehow? I have my remote control's Power button to Turn Off Computer, but in way too many instances, it puts my Intel NAC into Away Mode instead (only in MediaPortal for some reason). I don't think I've missed any "new" settings in MediaPortal for this, so I'm blaming Windows. I'm running Windows 7 still.


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