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  • February 1, 2007
    The Sauce of Worcester
    Hi frankytv,

    Yes, the amBX system comes with its own software, so no need to include it in your software (unless you want to! yours might be better)

    I didnt have time to make my own hardware, so bought the amBX system (I got a cheap deal - £20 GBP)

    But carry on the great work, I may one day make my own hardwre


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    April 7, 2008
    Hi all
    Im using 2 x AMBX kit. Software include package (amBX Control Panel) recognise MediaPortal and give him special suport with 5 presets: Moderate,Colour,Relaxed,Dynamic,Visualiser. But dont have any color correction options.
    Software works great with MediaPortal but dont work with MediaPortal visualizations for music.
    How works: YouTube - amBX LOTR Trailer

    I found the solution with AMBXmod program: Aurora Synesthesia (Sound-To-Light) amBX forum - View topic - (Unofficial) Aurora Synesthesia
    Program that processes the sound coming in from the recording input, via the use of FMOD Ex (FMOD music & sound effects system), and converts it into RGB for each light based on a set of colours. These are Red = Bass, Green = Mid, and Blue = Treble (these will eventually be customisable). Sound card or motherboard must support Stereo-Mix recording for it to work. Program dont have posibilities to save user options. Program must be restarted on System Resume to work correctly.
    How works: YouTube - two amBX starter kits

    Problem is amBX Control Panel and Aurora Synesthesia dont have any remote control. Only way to control these programs is allways use Aurora Synesthesia at backround, run MediaPortal (amBX Control Panel takes back control for AMBX):
    If I play music, amBX Control Panel has to be closed (have to kill process amBXFxGen.exe and Aurora Synesthesia takes control).
    Than if I want to play a movie I must reopen amBX Control Panel (run amBXFxGen.exe, amBX Control Panel takes control and Aurora Synesthesia is waiting in backround).
    I used in MediaPortal two shortcuts for these.
    Im not a programer but it will be nice to support AMBX with plugin which can recognise and automaticly swith to Aurora Synesthesia only if music is played in Mediaportal. Also support for manual configuration for these programs (diferent system have different install directory). Then it can be simply used for all AMBX Mediaportal users.

    Thank you and I hope that you could support this idea.

    How works 2 x AMBX kit configuration in space and My suggestions for AMBX plugin:



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  • May 30, 2008
    AW: Amb i Light Support


    I would like to test your software, I have also problems with Atmowin & Aero enabled (stuttering). If I disable Aero, there are a lot of tearing!

    best regards



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    November 17, 2009

    i dont understand why everyone runs MP under Win7 with AERO.

    I have 4 PC's with Win7 and MP, and at all i can't run it with AERO (Stuttering aso.).
    For sure most time in HD.

    Without AERO, runs smooth and nice.

    Only the Refreshrate Changer is not working (never).
    Maybe i do something wrong, but my Samsung will not change.
    (NVidia 9500 with 195.xxx and Samsung 7000 55")
    If i switch the rate in the NVidia Setup, it works, but not out of MP) :confused:




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  • April 14, 2008
    Aero is the only solution for enabling DXVA and VSync for removing stuttering and tearing!
    I've absolutely NO stuttering while playing 1080p Movies on a ION based System with only 35-60% CPU usage!


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    November 17, 2009

    i did in the while serval improvements for the new Version 0.942 like:
    ColorBoost limiting
    Black/White recognition
    Color trueness
    Special for Atmo-Harware Led's off (at End)
    4@12 and 8@12
    More Capturespeed
    more Smothness

    I attached some Picture, but the Camera take the shoots a bit to red.
    In real the colors are much clother to the original colors.

    Edit: Sorry i forgot to thank for the hint on the 5050 Led RGB Strip's.
    I got them from China, and they are much much better as the Ikea stuff.
    Much more Red (sometime a bit to much). But over all they are more bright
    and give a much better white. Also cause they are flexible, its easier to fix them
    behind the Monitor.



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