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    aMPdroid 1.1.2
    Android App for MediaPortal

    aMPdroid is MediaPortal for your Android phone or tablet. With aMPdroid you can remote control your MediaPortal HTPC, browse, download or stream your media collection and access all of MediaPortals TV capabilites.

    You can follow the development of aMPdroid on the project page, this forum and on twitter.

    mobile-1.png mobile-2.png mobile-3.png mobile-4.png

    mobile-5.png mobile-6.png mobile-7.png mobile-8.png

    bluestacks-2.png bluestacks-1.png mobile-9.png

    Some important info:
    This version of aMPdroid NEEDS the MpExtended Service 0.5 (not WebMediaPortal) as backend, so you need to install this first. It WILL NOT work with GmaWebservice/Tv4Home or any older versions of MPExtended.

    aMPdroid Free/Pro version
    aMPdroid has evolved from a small tool I've written for the fun of it into a full-blown mediastreaming/remote control app that I have spent countless hours on. Especially the rewrite to a user-friendly backend (MPExtended) and the tablet-ready layout using fragments consumed a lot of development time.

    That's why I decided to create a "Pro" version of aMPdroid that is available in the market for €2.99. I thought about this a lot but in the end I felt that this is needed to (at least in some part) justify all the time I spend on this project. The free version is still available and has the same features as the Pro version, it will have some ads though.

    Q: I thought this is open source
    A: It still is, I have sent the source to people asking for it and will create a public github project in the future.

    Q: So why should I pay for it
    A: Because it's not much (one less beer this weekend ;)) and you will ensure that there will be new and awesome features to aMPdroid in the future.

    Q: Can I compile it myself and remove the ads
    A: Yes, I'm fine with that (nothing I can/want to do about this anyways), however I would ask you not to publish such versions. If you do, I'll have to rethink my position and stop releaseing the sourcecode.

    Q: I have no access to the android market and still want the pro version
    A: My experience with alternative markets have shown that there is not much activity/demand on them when compared to the Android market so I won't publish a paid version on them. Please contact me via mail (

    Q: Your app is so awesome, I want to support development even more!!!
    A: Thanks, donations are much appreciated and will help to speed up aMPdroid development. If you want to support a specific feature with your donate, just put it in the comments.

    Here is a list of some of the main new features
    • MpExtended 0.5 as backend
    • Recent items on the home screen (recent recordings, tv episodes, movies, albums)
    • New streaming profiles (direct, Http Live Streaming, ...)
    • Easy client setup with ZeroConf (Auto-detection) and UAR (User Access Request)
    • Compeletely redesigned media player
    • Music streaming (also in background with notification support)
    • Improved layouts for phones/tablets in portrait and landscape
    • New actionbar actions instead of quickaction (can be configured)
    • Layouts use new filtering framework (e.g. A-Z view, latest, ...)
    • Use netbios name instead of ip addresses
    • Better support for devices with android ICS and JellyBean
    Beside myself, a few people helped me with aMPdroid or developed parts of the neccessary backends. In no particular order:
    • Oxan and Mike Lowrey: MpExtended Framework
    • Harry Cats a.k.a Thundercats: New design for remote control
    • Shukuyen: WifiRemote and idea sharing between iOS and Android app
    • Lyfesaver: Testing Server, Feedback and much more
    • All translators/testers and people who share their ideas
    The app is fully localizable and uses myGengo Transifex to manage translations. The site offers a nice and easy-to-use webinterface for translators to manage their translations without any need for additional software. While you're at it, you might also find some time to improve the translations of other parts of MP.

    I would much appreciate your help with further translations as it is an important aspect for many users to have apps in their native language. Since the aMPdroid transifex project is part of the Team MediaPortal hub, you have to become part of the respecitve language team to translate strings for aMPdroid. This has the advantage of having one userbase for multiple MediaPortal projects. It makes it easier for us to maintain the translations, and easier for potential translators to contribute to various MP-related projects.

    If you run into problems with aMPdroid, please read the troubleshooting section before posting to this thread -> Troubleshooting - MediaPortal Wiki.

    Feature Request
    Even if I don't reply and discuss all feature request I read through all posts and will then decide what I want to add next. The forum is a really messy place for feature requests so I created a project for aMPdroid on the feature voting system UserEcho.

    If you want a new feature, post a new "Idea" to this site. If you like an existing idea, vote it up. Ideas with many votes might (read: MIGHT) get implemented sooner. Try to post ideas seperately (not post ten ideas in one request) and check if the same idea has been already posted before.

    Version 1.1.2 (2013-02-02)
    • Bugfixes
    • Improved actionbar
    • Improved videoplayer
    • Updated translations
    • Fixed WOL not working in some cases
    Version 1.1.1 (2012-11-30)
    • Bugfixes
    • Increased thumb size for newer devices
    Version 1.1.0 (2012-11-25)
    • MpExtended 0.5 as backend
    • Recent items on the home screen
    • Redesigned media player
    • New streaming profiles (Direct, HLS, ...)
    • Music streaming
    • New actionbar with contextual actions
    • Use netbios name instead of ip addresses
    • Better support for devices with android ICS and JellyBean
    Version 1.0.1 (2012-04-06)
    • Bugfixes
    • Improved tablet Layout
    • Added Slovak language (thx mmichalik)
    Version 1.0.0 (2012-03-27)
    • Switch to MpExtended
    • New Design
    • MpExtended streaming (more stable, supports ffmpeg and vlc as backend)
    • Support ICS and Honeycomb devices
    • Better support of external video playback
    • Supports new WifiRemote features (Map dialogs, show current facade, playlists, ...)
    • Power options (reboot, sleep) with MpExtended tray app (MediaPortal doesn't have to be running)
    • Start/Stop MediaPortal from within aMPdroid (needs MpExtended tray app)
    • New listview loading with fading images (still WIP)
    • Improved layouts for phones/tablets in portrait and landscape
    • New actionbar and slidingdrawer (removed bottombar)
    • Auto-detection of clients in the local network (zeroconf, still WIP)
    • Add new language: Chinese Simplified
    • New Crash-Reporting (crittercism)
    Version 0.8.2 (2011-07-29)
    Added Google Analytics
    Fixed out-of-memory error
    Fixed MEDIA_DIED_ERROR when tuning tv channels
    Fixed more crashes reported by BugSense
    Update translations (added cs/it/is/ru)

    Version 0.8.1 (2011-07-17)
    Bugfixes and some more bugfixes
    Version 0.8 (2011-07-17)
    Published app in market
    Streaming of media and live tv with on-the-fly transcoding
    Playlist support (play entire albums/seasons)
    Improved donwloads and notifications
    Redesigned QuickActions
    Menu Icons
    Wake on LAN

    Version 0.7 (2011-05-29)
    Better handling of client configuration (simple and advanced)
    Add fast-scrolling and first-letter poput to listviews
    Add new languages: French, Danish, German, Dutch
    Fixed live streaming of tv with vPlayer
    Default views for all lists
    Configurable number of preloaded items
    Changed to new GmaWebservice (supports proper sorting)

    Version 0.6
    First preview release
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  • September 11, 2007
    I will publish the new versions to the play store in a few minutes, shouldn't take to long for them to become available then...
    In the meantime, check out this cool video:
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    Haha sorry found a small issue and now have to recompile again...

    Edit: which takes forever with ampdroid...
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