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  • April 15, 2007
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    Is this the final word on the slow library, to use an index so the top level has 26 results?...
    I like to have all my artists in the top level so I can browse by remote until something catches my eye, being greeted with an alphabet is not very aesthetic....
    Any help/advice greatly appreciated
    What kind of remote are you using? I find it very annoying to have to navigate through a long list with the remote. Since I have a large collection, I use 2 levels of grouping in all of my music menus: The top level is digits & letters (default settings described be hwahrmann); the second level is by first 2 characters in case of artists (e.g. BA, BE, BH, BI, BL, BO, BR...) or 3 characters for the tracks ("Songs") list (BAA, BAB, ....). Even if your artists list is short enough to consider using it without grouping, I can't imagine using an ungrouped track list.

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