Anyone that have nice pictures for the basichome menu? (1 Viewer)


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June 30, 2008
Germany Germany

I'm searching for some pictures for the menues. Any idea where I can find some?



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March 31, 2009
Romania Romania
i know that you don't search for this...but i attach my splashscreen for anyone who want to use it :p
any chance of a higher res pic? very nice splashscreen, thanks!
at the moment i have only this in 1600x1200 (link below)...if u tell me the resolution u want i can work on it ;)
anything above or equal 1280x720 should be perfect for me... btw, the image in the link is smaller :D


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April 28, 2008
Italy Italy
anything above or equal 1280x720 should be perfect for me... btw, the image in the link is smaller :D
damn imgur...he risized it...try this link from work ;)
Imageshack - splashnuovo3

@ RoXoR
here the logos ;)
Any chance of getting a 16:9 version of that splash screen?
i hope u like it :)

u must rename my file in splashscreen.png and replace with the one under the skin folder (again under your MP installation folder) in the "media" folder....
like this:
c:\program files\team-mediaportal\mediaportal\skins\x-factor\media (i go with memory...i don't have my pc in this moment to check it)

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