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Discussion in 'General Support' started by kampfy, June 9, 2010.

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    I am using Media Portal in a dual monitor setup and experienced the same problem.

    Windows 7.
    XFX Geforce 9800 GT 512
    Toshiba 46 LCD and BenQ E2200HD connected by DVI to HDMI cables

    I have the same problem as you, anytime I upgrade my video drivers.

    I don't know the technical reasons why it does it, bu I know how to fix it.
    The problem (in my case anyway) is related to the desktop size.

    Initially, both desktops will default to 1920x1080 for me, and when it does so, I get stuttery, crappy playback on the TV in fullscreen. I need to go into the desktop properties, and shrink it until I see the four corner arrows in full (in my case down to about 1840x1012). Even though my TV says it's 1080p, it looks like I ain't really getting it all, and when my video card sends the full resolution, it's like there is an overlap, which causes the stutter.

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    I was able to reproduce the problems listed...stuttering with Aero on and tearing with Aero off...and chose many different options and settings to find the right setup. I know this may not work with other machines, this was my quest and hopefully it will help others by pointing them in the right direction.

    All with MP 1.1.0 RC5

    First and foremost, download and install SAF v5.00...I used saf500svn100625.exe to install. I did not follow the instructions and just installed it taking the defaults. This is on a "fresh" install of Windows 7 32 bit. No other codecs were installed outside of hardware codecs and my Sonic MPEG codec. This does WONDERS...especially for my wee ATI 5450 card.

    Turn Aero ON, but turn transparent glass off. See for screenshots of the 4 checkboxes I did check. I dont use this for anything outside you may want to turn on more eyecandy if you use it for other than MP.

    In MP Config, see for screen shots. I do not have MP set to be on top, set the process priority to above normal and set it to start on my Sony TV. I do not enable Dynamic Refresh Rate Control...mainly because at 1080, I can not support 720, this works well since I can support 720i and 720p options and refresh rates.

    I set the TV to have NONE fallback interlace option...this will be done outside MP. I also do not do post processing...again outside MP.

    CODECS: TV: MPEG2 = ffdshow, h264 = ffdshow DXVA.
    CODECS: Video: MPEG2 = Sonic MPEG Decoder, h264 = ffdshow DXVA. This is used only for my analog records I still have.
    CODECS: Video Renderer = EVR

    IN CCC (v10.6), see for the screenshots. In short, I use Vector Adaptive deinterlacing, DO NOT USE Pulldown detection (everytime I selected this, it stuttered!). I used edge and denoice enhancements. And demo mode is full screen.

    My Monitor is primary, Sony TV is secondary (1920x1080x30hz). I do not oc my video card, too hot since it is passive.

    For ffdshow...see screenshots...I only use Deinterlace and Blur/Noise reduction. See for the screenshots.

    My GPU runs at ~50-80% and CPU runs ~30-40% (due to ffdshow processing).

    I no longer use Hyrbid crossfire.

    Good luck!


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