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    Hi Mr. Spock
    Do you use a MCE remote woth Mepo? If yes, how did you map the ShortCut to one of the Buttons?
    No, sorry, I am using an Imon remote. No idea how to do that with a MCE remote.

    6. In the Devices tab, do not hide any device because it sometimes make it crash.
    Developers have just solved that issue: now, you can hide any non-desired device, so you will only cycle throught the devices you wish.

    Just download the new .exe file from AudioSwitch patch, and replace the original audioswitch.exe file with the new one in your installation.
    I try the Audioswitch and it work also fine. And the Switcher work "Live". You don't have to restart a video or a the music. And it fixed also a problem for me. I had the problem, that Windows always start in muted mode. I don't know why, but after installing Audioswitch and switching sometimes, my Win7 start normal without muting the sound.
    So, thanks a lot Mr. Spock (y)


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    I confirm: ARC doesn't work for music under fresh mediaportal 1.6

    12.01.2014 23:10:19 | Info | Key pressed:
    12.01.2014 23:10:19 | Info | Configured DShow-action: ACTION_NEXT_BOOKMARK
    12.01.2014 23:10:19 | Info | Configured BASS-action: ACTION_PREV_BOOKMARK
    12.01.2014 23:10:19 | Info | ------------------------------
    12.01.2014 23:10:19 | Info | Start changing BASS-renderer
    12.01.2014 23:10:19 | Info | ------------------------------
    12.01.2014 23:10:19 | Info | Sorry only BASS-Player is supported!
    12.01.2014 23:10:19 | Info | Your MePo configuration is: Not Setted!​


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    I have tested last version - music section (BASS Engine) still not working. Video, TV and Radio is OK.
    Can u send me sourcecodes?

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