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  • July 2, 2005
    I made this little programm, wich automatically downloads the latest CVS-release.

    it kills MediaPortal, downloads the latest cvs, creates a backup in MediaPortal\..\Backup, extracts the new cvs, executes start.bat and starts MediaPortal again.

    Required steps:
    -open Path.txt and set the path to your MediaPortal
    -make sure you include a \ at the end of the path
    -create a task (should be at about 02:00, because new snapshots are released at about 01:00)

    cvs-snapshots may be instable and not bugfree.
    if you dont know what you are doing let it be.

    Download taken down, red the whole thread if you want to know why
    On the page you have to click on "Datei herunterladen!" to download it.


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  • January 14, 2005
    First I want to say thinks for this program, it will save me a ton of time. I usually update like every other day. I also want to point out that I was having an issue with the program. Some of the files in my xmltv directory were read-only. The program would work fine the very first time I ran it, but the second time I would get this error.

    Access to the path 'C:\Program files\Backup\xmltv\doc\COPYING' is denied.

    COPYING is a txt file with no extension. I didn't want to go through every file and see if it was read-only so I just unchecked read-only for the whole MP directory. This seemed to solve the problem. I hope this does not have an effect on MP.


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  • July 2, 2005
    tkortell said:
    I will try this also, so far I have been useing the CVS installer by civikdude.
    You can find it here ->

    btw, the download page of the GetCVS was not so user friendly (if you don't understand all the languages in the world).

    Regards / Tomas

    as far as i can see, that prog does not automatically download the latest cvs, so you still need to download it by hand.

    and that was one of the main reasons why i wrote this programm.
    i wanted a full automatization of the update process.


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  • December 26, 2004
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    public CVS-Snapshots service DOWN

    public CVS-Snapshots service DOWN

    At first, the general idea to use a tool to automatically download and install the latest CVS-Snapshot is "unwise"
    (i had an other term in my minde, but i want to keep it nice).

    A CVS-Snapshot is NOT:
    x a Bugfix
    x a official Patch
    x a official Upgrade

    CVS-Snapshots are builds of the current stage of developement. Therefor they are not stable. Its very likely that with automatically applied CVS-Snapshot you MediaPortal installation will become unusable after a few days or after the first upgrade.

    If you want to TEST a CVS-Snapshot you should always use a clean, not configured installation of the related release version.
    You should NEVER apply one cvs-snapshot over an other.

    But the greatest flaw of this tool is not that the MediaPortal installations of those users will become inoperative.
    This tool forces High to shut down the Public CVS-Snapshots because of the traffic it generates. And traffic is NOT FREE!


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    September 3, 2004
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    [=high= said:
    ]Great job, snapsgenerator offline.

    Very nice tool to turn off cvs download. Thank you wertzui.



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  • July 4, 2005
    Ørsø, Dronninglund, Denmark
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    This is just sad....some people just want it all - what's next? Opening the refrigiator, when you're hungry? Opening a coke, when you're thirsty?

    Come hard can it be to download the cvs, and unpack it yourself...

    Look at what high wrote to civikdude - no one seems to have seen this:

    About the "automatic" downloading from in general:
    The idea is great, always the newest version without any work for users. But you forgot something about it...the traffic. At the moment we have 61GB only this month until today (with ~15-20% more each month) and for sure you dont get that for free. So I need some banner-clicks to get this paid and I dont get any with lots of users just downloading via plugins, scripts or whatever.

    Its pretty easy to grab via script cause the filename always starts the same way. You can write one for yourself but if I see any in public I will change the way users can download. Hope you understand my position.


    PS: if someone is willing to sponsor a FTP-Server for free with ~150GB Traffic I might change my mind...

    and this is now, what have happened!

    High are currently changing the way users download the CVS's - so much work!!!

    I'm not a fan of the users developing or using this kind of tool, and it might cause serious damage in the future. What would you all do, if high just said:

    I won't pay the traffic anymore, and I won't compile the cvs's no more....then You are on your own!

    Well - you are welcome to pay the traffic, if you want to!? Perhaps we should send the bill to wertzui ??

    Yes - this message was intended to be rude!

    End of post!!!!!!!!!!!
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