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Created by Sweborn, kjegibbons ,shorty1483 and pur_berger from the original by ncoH/JoostZilla/Cul8er.
This is a white/iceblue skin incorporating some of the advanced plugins available.​

The Avallanche skin supported so far this plugins:
  • My Anime 3
  • Browse the web
  • HTPCInfo
  • IMDb+
  • Infoservice
  • Moving pictures
  • MVcentral
  • Extensions
  • MyFilms
  • myLyrics
  • onlinevideos
  • My Radio Last FM
  • My Score Center
  • StreamRadio
  • Pandora Music Box
  • Radio Time
  • Rockstar
  • ShowTimes
  • SubCentral
  • Trakt
  • TVSeries
  • Volume Control
  • Wikipedia
  • World Weather
  • Youtube
  • MyTorrents
  • Clickfinder
  • MePo Tools
  • DVDArt
  • Trailers
  • Headweb
  • MyEmulators2
  • MediaBrowser3
  • LogoManager
  • MediaPortal 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9
  • Overlaping text in TVSeries category fixed (thanks Pur_Berger)
  • Content menu for recently added media fixed

  • Added Auto DJ support
  • Changed to readable color in SubCentral for matched subs
  • Some updated graphics in SubCentral
  • Now it is possible to disable/activate backgroundanimation in Settings/GUI/Misc.
  • Slower animation "disc rotation and backdrop movement"
  • Fixed issue with weather images in World Weather
  • Now you can choose between myfilms, myvideo and movpic basichome fanart in Avallanche editor
  • Fixed the layout in teletext
  • Fixed overlaping title text and miniepg
  • New splashscreen
  • New default background
  • Cleaned up Logos (resolution etc.) for better matching.
  • Fixed missing layout in mvCentral
  • Fixed info in MyMusic
  • Added the ability to select recently added movie for MyVideo in Avallanche config
  • Added support for LogoManager plugin

  • Enlarged the description in the 8 rows EPG for better readability.
  • Closing button on exit is now default top choice
  • Comskip bars are added to time-line.
  • Added new parmeters for MyFilms (IMDB id for Clearart, moviethumbs, colletions,actors info)
  • Added missing icon for multiple recordings
  • Fixed position issues in duplicate recordings dialog
  • Added support for MediaBrowser3 plugin
  • Removed font 9 and replaced it with existing one
  • The problem with in EPG is resolved

  • Unwatched info/graphics added in coverflow, filmstrip and thumbview in Movingpictures/TVSeries
  • Disabled clearlogo in TVSeries/Movingpictures/Video if now playing music/video preview windows is showing in listview (overlaping graphics)
  • Added Trailer search in hiddenmenu TVSeries/Movingpictures/Video
  • Unwatched banner is now showing under the hole cover animation process in TVSeries/Movingpictures/Video
  • Replaced some hover backgrounds

  • Some minor skin updates in LastFMRadio, UpdateControl, MyExtensions, MyRSS
  • Deleted som unused graphics
  • New current weather images and visibility in BasicHome
  • Fix for overlaping title and ClearArt Logo in Moving Pictures and MyVideos details view.
  • Fix for overlaping title and skip graphics in OSD.
  • Changed remotecolor in miniEPG
  • Removed the transparency in plugin viewport
  • FanartHandler.dll (Seb mod) will be installed automatically
  • Added AvallancheEditor support for upcomming Mediaportal 1.7 (and pre release)
  • DVDArt support added in MyVideos
  • Soduko colorscheme fixed
  • Added support for the plugin Headweb, a swedish streamingservice
  • Added support for Emulator2
  • Apostrophe and circonflexe added in new Avallanche fontfile
  • Fix for invisible backdrops in ScoreCenter and Games
  • Added DVD-box animation also in Music and TV-Series
  • Added support for StreamRadio pluging
  • Added support for ltfearme's new Tailer plugin.
  • Added open DVD-case animation with outsliding disc (in MovingPictures, MyFilms and MyVideos)
  • Fixed the topbar animation issue in VideoOSD
  • Modified Coloring for Clickfinder (thanks pur_berger)
  • Fix for logo change in zapOSD and overlapping text
  • Added out sliding disc animation in MovingPictures, MyFilms, MyVideos, TVseries and Music view.
  • Corrected issues in Rockstar hidden menu and playlist

  • Added button for Trakt in detail view (MyVideos and MovingPictures)
  • Fixed skin issues in Trakt (Related Movies, Shows and User Network)

  • Support for Clickfinder
  • Lot of changes have been made in MyFilms and MyVideos module to match MovingPictures layout.
  • MyFilms now has support for MePo Tools ClearArt. (see instructions for help)
  • It is now possible to choose between movies (scraper) and movies (user) fanart, the same goes for music fanart
  • Onlinevideo OSD is adjusted.
  • new version of Trakt is now fully supported
  • Support for MyTorrents included
  • New LiveTV Zap window
  • New LiveTV MiniEPG window - and easier access to change between 3 and 8 lines EPG through the skin setting menu in GUI
  • I have removed Avallanche bold font because it has caused some problems with the display of the font
  • Problems with changing views in music playlist are solved
  • Added moving background fanart in Music, Video, Movingpictures and TVseries - thanks to shorty1483
  • Changed movingPictures.details to show CDArt - thanks to shorty1483

  • New Video and TV OSD design
  • Problem with missing graphics in Argus EPG solved

  • Problem with "Recently added media in basichome not playable" is solved
  • Fixed - DLL conflicts between Avalon, Avallonis and Avallanche should be solved.
  • Now are both DVDArt and MePoTool integrated in xml.
  • Most problems in the third post are fixed.

  • Now a stand-alone skin
  • Added ClearArt to MyVideos
  • Added Season CDArt to series
  • New music nowplaying grafics
  • New Avallanche plugins
  • Solved - Graphic problems when switching between Avallanche and themes in the GUI.
  • Solved - ClearArt dont shows up in TVSeries OSD
  • Compiled new dll's to make Avallanche compatible with MP1.4 (togglebutton>checkbutton)
  • Added Clearlogo all views movingpictures
  • Added Clearlogo, CDart to music - @shorty1483
  • Added moving backdrops - @shorty1483

  • Added ClearLogo to Filmstrip and Coverflow view
  • Added new BasicHome weather and recordings Graphics
  • Added reworked menus and splashscreen - @pur_berger
  • Added reworked OSD Graphics/xml - @pur_berger

  • Fix for Moving Picture/TV-Series skin settings ("enable infos at bottom of the screen etc.")
  • Corrected the pending recordings graphics position.
  • It is now possible to use the function to change the text color in settings/misc
  • Rework of the TVfullscreen OSD (fixed overlapping text) - @pur_berger
  • Added BasicHome weather and recordings mod - @pur_berger

  • Fix for music coverflow view
  • Added larger plot on button up in TV osd
  • Included userdef backdrops for tv, radio, pictures etc.
  • Added new icon för default cover

  • OnlineVideos adjustments
  • Showtime adjustments

  • Fix for OSD TV-server
  • Added movingpictures importer skinfiles
  • Added mvcentral skinfiles
  • Added showtimes skinfiles

  • ClearArt mod

  • New overlay color (bright white/ice blue) and new font.
  • Fix for some WorldWeather views.
  • Skin for WorldClock

  • Added Miscellaneous settings (hide/show posters on listview, hide/show when not scrolling etc.)
  • Fix - some missing files for movingpictures DVDArt mod are added.
  • Fix - button focus issues in WorldWearther.

  • Fix - issues with black TV Guide screen after clean installation. Added a default Skinsetting file.


Download Avallanche


  • Issue - Enable/Disable recently added.... in GUI does not work.
Todo list for the next release:

  • A suggestion for anyone wanting current weather background in Basic Home under the weather tab. Change the word "Weather" in BasicHome.xml, if You are using a language other than English. <visible>string.equals(#homeitem,Weather)</visible>
  • To show ClearArt in MyFilms must the IMDB ID field contain the value eg tt12345.
  • It is highly recommended to uninstall and delete all old skin files before the installation.
  • If you use MePoTools for ClearArt, ClearLogo and CDArt the path to thumbs should be: thumbs\CDArt\Movies, thumbs\CDArt\Music, thumbs\CDArt\Series, thumbs\CDArt\Seasons, thumbs\ClearArt\Movies, thumbs\ClearArt\Music, thumbs\ClearArt\Series, thumbs\ClearLogo\Movies, thumbs\ClearLogo\Series
  • For some of us will the fonts not install properly, so I have attached them in a zip file so you can install them manually.
  • Since the setup file gets too big, I have added a zip file with suitable backdrops
basic_home.png movingpictures_list.png movingpictures_detail.pngvideo_osd.png osd_pause.png clear_logo.png zap.png miniEPG.png Trakt.png tvseries.png showtimes.png mymusic.png music_playingnow.pngmvcentral.png Scheduled_Recordings.png MyEmulator.pngmyfilms1.png myfilms2.png


  • fitting_backdrops.zip
    16.4 MB
  • Avallanche_font.zip
    39.9 KB
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    Looks nice, there are still quite a few problems though...

    Clean install MP1.4 with no prior avalon / avallonis / avallanche


    1. Missing texture is settings menu i think. i'm on this button, but i can't see that it's currently highlighted.
    2. Basic home menu is empty after installing just get labels eg. #basic.home.etc.. even though basic home editor is populated. TO fix this you have to go into mp plugins change the home menu then change it back again then save. So there is a file missing for the default menu from your mpei.

    3. "DVD-Filmer" present in moving pictures submenu.

    4. "Tuning Detailjer" present in My TV menu (?language string not used)

    5. "TV Play" is used instead of "online videos"

    6. Overlapping text in tvseries

    7. Missing textures in tvguide

    8. now playing - top album/artist tracks

    9. Missing now playing video GUI elements
    Hit right arrow to skip +15, there is no GUI displayed.

    10. missing side menu textures

    12. home menu, now playing overlay overlaps with latest recordings ..... position slider visible during top menu navigation

    I think I'll stop marking errors, might be easier if you do the following...

    I suggest you might like to try backup your current avallanche skin folder.
    Delete everything that has to do with Avalon/Avallonis/Avalanche, delete the avallanche/avalon/avallonis plugins, then run the installer, then use that clean install for your ongoing development to remove previous skin dependencies.
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    sweborn, I think the widebanner fanart view in TVSeries is not working properly. When switching to banner fanart mode in skin settings and activating in MPTVSeries the banner layout, I just see the series count, but no series banners, fade in cover, Series Name etc...

    The other setting combinations work.
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    Can all these problems be solved by overwriting the relevant xmls from the last version for 1.3?

    Obviously, any containing "togglebutton" entries would have to be looked at...might save a lot of time.


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    So - There were some Bugs in common.overlay.home which have anoyed for ages - no I think they shoudl b solved ...

    - In TV ts.stream is displayed instead of Program name
    - progress bar in TV is not showing status but hopping around
    - TV Logo is now also displayed
    - DiskCover is displayed in movies and series




    • common.overlay.home.xml
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    And - now with Disk too ;)


    As I don't use the last avallanche right now I couldn't test what happens if TVseries has a diskimage - when playing a series which has no disk image the blank one is displayed. I put in the condition which should work - so someone needs to confirm.


    • common.overlay.home.xml
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    And - now with Disk too ;)

    View attachment 131168

    As I don't use the last avallanche right now I couldn't test what happens if TVseries has a diskimage - when playing a series which has no disk image the blank one is displayed. I put in the condition which should work - so someone needs to confirm.

    CDArt for movies is linked to \MovingPictures\thumbs\Fullsize, so it will not work with the MePoTools standard folder (but with DVDArt Plugin).

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