[confirm] AverMedia AVerTV Hybrid Volar MAX H826 does not tune ATSC channels (1 Viewer)


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November 20, 2007
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Andrew, thanks for the response! I do have the latest drivers from AverMedia. Both ATSC and analog tuners are recognized by the TV server - that is not the problem. Also, both ATSC and NTSC tuners work perfectly with the native AverMedia application. They tune both OTA ATSC and QAM without a hitch under Vista 32 and 64 on different machines. Also, this tuner does work under XP Pro 32 and MP 1.0.2.

I have tried RC3 with the new TVLibrary.dll that fixed ATSC tuning issues for other people - same result. I get BSOD as soon as I try to tune channels with the Generic provider. I also tried a different AverMedia tuner - this time it's ATSC only model AVerTVHD Volar Max H826D. It uses different drivers than the H826 tuner I tried first.

The result is the same - tuner is recognized by MP, BSOD with the Generic provider. I hope that gibman can take a look at this - he fixed ATSC tuning issue for RC3.

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    While I can sympothize with your situation, I'd think it wise if you use the new debug option they included in the RC3 and post your logs. I reread this thread and as far as the other guy posting with no digital tuner and no scan, I'd say he doesn't have the drivers loaded correctly - checking the Device Manager may help to see if there is an exclamation symbol... although he was Win-7 which may take a couple of reboots - in fact, I recall having to do an Update Driver from inside Device Manager before Win-7 would load the final driver I needed... or did I... I know I'd posted but in any case it wasn't difficult to have Win-7 load whatever I needed for my AVerMedia Duet (Open/White box) I'd bought a few days after I posted on your thread... it has two ATSC tuners and was just under $50 shipped! Would that be an option or are you limited to a USB version? I know the ATi 650 Combo USB I have can be tempermental but when it identifies itself to the Device Manager after a couple of power cycles it plays nicely - I can A/V capture and ATSC at the same time! But, I'm running Win-7 and the drivers for your Vista Business 32 may not be all up to date.

    Are you restricted to USB? Have you tried another brand, say Hauppauge or ATi? A 650 Combo can be had for $30 (on sale) if that's an option - of course, I can't say whether it's Vista drivers will work but I know the XP and Win 7's do. How about getting a Duet - got a free PCI-e X1 slot, $50 and 20 minutes of install time?

    Maybe the issue is with this "Business" version OS you're running... does it have/need a hotfix to get it to do multi-media, or do all Vista users have issue with the H826? I say this as there used to be a hotfix needed for early XP versions, and I recall reading about Vista MCE requiring a NTSC tuner before it would install an ATSC one - and that there was a 'hack' to alleviate this requirement for Vista... now with Win7 MCE you do not have to have an NTSC before ATSC any longer... I'm just wondering if the focus should be on the OS and its features (components) and less on the tuner.


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    November 20, 2007
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    Thank you for spending time on this! Unfortunately, getting a different card is not a real option. I am sitting on a box of over 30 of these cards and I have to put them to work.

    This card does not work with MP 1.XX on any Vista - Home, Business or Ultimate. It does work with the original AverMedia application - tuning over 80 OTA ATSC channels. It also works on XP.

    So the problem is how MP, Vista and Aver drivers interact with each other.

    MP claims to support any BDA card. AveMedia says this H826 card is BDA compliant. MP does not work with it. So MP does not support ANY BDA card (only some) - or this card is not 100% BDA compliant.

    I have no way to prove either claim. I am only hoping that MP developers can confirm who is right here - MP or AverMedia.


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    June 2, 2013
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    Sorry for digging up a 3 year old thread. I have been using the Volar Max on my XP and W8 machines. This week I acquired a Vista Business with quad core and decided to use if as my media server. The BSOD has occurred to me while scanning for channels using MediaPortal and NextPVR. The tuner works in AverMedia software but crashes when I launch the other two and scan my OTA digital channel. This is the only TV source I have so I cannot try any other broadcast. As stated by others I have the latest drivers and updates from Windows. Perhaps I will buy the windows 7 from a friend and try that.
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