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October 5, 2009
Hey Jacob, did it yesterday. It's a big step ahead as Moving Pictures is able to determine what subtitles are on my disc (instead of a list of "undefined" subtitles before).
My main concern is that I stil can't show them even when choosing mpc-hc subtitles engine (note that I have never been able to play internal subtitles using mpc-hc and always had to load external subtitles from the internet)


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September 3, 2008
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What DID you do? Install saf 4.0 ?
Have you tried vc-1 as well h264 discs?

As for ripping to mkv, I tested another mkv with VC-1 video and hd audio (dts-ma) and it did not play in moving pictures. So far no luck with hd audio in mkv.
Well, off topic..


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October 5, 2009
none of my hd movies is ripped to mkv (some are on my hard drive, most of them are genuine optical discs)

Concerning what I did, I installed SAF 4.0 stable (after uninstalling all codecs)
I tried both encodings (Groundhog Day : H264 / Heat : VC1) none of them seems to be ready to show me its subtitles.

A piece of info that could be useful : when I play the same discs directly in MPC-HC, the subtitles menu is grayed out making it impossible to display subtitles.


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February 24, 2009
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HD Audio

Very interesting thread.
I'm confused about the HD audio capabilities of my HTPC, appreciate help.

it's actually very difficult to play uncompressed HD audio from BD/HDVD out of a PC. Until *very* recently, it required a special $200 sound card, the Xonar D2 HD version (which was hard to find in the US) and you had to use the version of Arcsoft Total Media theater that came with the card
I´ve understood that I can´t bitstream Dolby True HD or DTS HD MA with my setup, but is it possible to send HD audio to the reciever through HDMI multichannel PCM, or multichannel analog connections? The sound quality should be about the same?

I´m using multichannel PCM through HDMI right now, but I can´t verify if it is true HD sound. (I probably can´t hear the difference either ;)). I´m using M/B: Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H, Radeon HD4550 HDMI, PowerDVD 7 to watch BlueRay and HDMI connection to a Harman Kardon AVR255 receiver.

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