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February 12, 2008
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MediaPortal Version: 1.4.0

Not seen this before tonight, so not sure what caused it.

I was downloading some videos with online videos when my PC went to sleep (why MP wouldn't signal to Windows that it was busy and prevent this I don't really know but that's another story). When I woke my PC, obviously the interrupted downloads couldn't continue but I tried to play the one that had finished downloading and just got audio and a black screen. Testing playback of the same downloads on my other screen with GraphStudioNet worked OK. Logs attached.

I then tested with a movie (Black Swan) in MP and that didn't work either. I loaded MP Config to check it was on EVR and not VMR9, which it was and after restarting MP it seems to be working normally now. I've attached a second set of logs from when it was working.

Steps to Reproduce:
Try to play videos after resuming from standby, after standby happens whilst downloading with OnlineVideos.
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  • September 1, 2008
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    The only difference I can see in the log files is this:

    [2013-08-12 03:01:03,345] [Log ] [MPMain ] [DEBUG] - VMR9Helper: Playing -> Repainting, Frames 51
    [2013-08-12 03:01:03,421] [Log ] [MPMain ] [DEBUG] - VMR9: Repainting -> Playing, Frames: 51
    ...and this:
    [2013-08-12 03:19:43,414] [Log ] [MPMain ] [DEBUG] - VMR9Helper: Playing -> Repainting, Frames 53
    [2013-08-12 03:19:43,414] [Log ] [MPMain ] [DEBUG] - PlaneScene: crop T, B : 0, 0
    [2013-08-12 03:19:43,414] [Log ] [MPMain ] [DEBUG] - PlaneScene: crop L, R : 0, 0
    [2013-08-12 03:19:43,414] [Log ] [MPMain ] [INFO ] - PlaneScene: video WxH : 640x360
    [2013-08-12 03:19:43,414] [Log ] [MPMain ] [DEBUG] - PlaneScene: video AR : 16:9
    [2013-08-12 03:19:43,414] [Log ] [MPMain ] [INFO ] - PlaneScene: screen WxH : 1280x720
    [2013-08-12 03:19:43,414] [Log ] [MPMain ] [DEBUG] - PlaneScene: AR type : Normal
    [2013-08-12 03:19:43,414] [Log ] [MPMain ] [DEBUG] - PlaneScene: PixelRatio : 1
    [2013-08-12 03:19:43,414] [Log ] [MPMain ] [DEBUG] - PlaneScene: src : (0,0)-(640,360)
    [2013-08-12 03:19:43,414] [Log ] [MPMain ] [DEBUG] - PlaneScene: dst : (0,0)-(1280,720)
    [2013-08-12 03:19:43,430] [Log ] [MPMain ] [DEBUG] - VMR9: Repainting -> Playing, Frames: 53
    Absolutely no idea what that means.
    Is this in any way reproducible?


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    February 12, 2008
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
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    Thanks for taking a look.

    I just tried to reproduce it, first with MP running on my monitor and then with it running on my TV and couldn't trigger it again.

    I set Windows to sleep after 1min for testing and woke it pretty much straight away, so it's possible it might only happen if the PC has been asleep a bit longer. Anyway, I'll set PS++ to prevent sleeping whilst there's network activity and that should prevent it sleeping whilst OnlineVideos is downloading/streaming.

    After the first resume the download did resume as well but now it's halted and will need to be restarted, so obviously it's important to prevent it sleeping whilst downloading.

    I've attached the logs from both tests (18:29 was on the Monitor) just in case there's anything useful in them to compare to last time.

    EDIT: Sorry, I forgot I'd set log level to info, so I doubt the logs are of any use.
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