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March 5, 2012
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I checked the main thread for this plugin, but could not see a link to any other place to post bugs. So I decide to add a new thread for my bug report.

I have noticed that if you use the "Send to Importer..." menu option on files that is on Removable Media, it don't display a notice that I need to insert the media first, but rather just switch to the Importer GUI with nothing in it.

I thought the option was not working, but when I did the same in the Config it displayed a message that I need to insert the removable media first.

I have attached a log file zip, if that is needed. (I don't see a entry in the log file that shows this, only the 2 errors that don't seem related in movingpictures.log)


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    For posting bugs + feature requests for moving pictures generally start a forum thread here as well as post to the issue tracker on the moving pictures google code site here - https://code.google.com/p/moving-pictures/issues/list . If you're not sure it's best to post a thread then ask fforde if he wants you to add the bug / feature request to the issue tracker on google code.
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