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August 23, 2012
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I have two tuners, only one is capable of descrambling Germand HD+. So I mapped the HD channels to one tuner and the SD version of the same channels to the other tuner.
Than I combined the HD- and SD-version of each channel using the TV-combinations-tab.
When I look at those combined channels using 'Edit channel'; from the TV Channel list, I can see that in some cases the HD-version is as position 1 and the SD-version is at position 2. That is what I desire.

But in other cases the SD-version is position 1 and the HD-version is position 2. When switching to one of those channels, Mediaportal show the SD-version. So I suspect MP tries to use the first entry that is given in the combination list for a channel. As a result MP switches to the SD-version while it could switch to the HD-version.

Unfortunately you can't change the order of the channels in the list in the 'Edit channel'- window. It looks as if you planned a simple drag&drop solution, but it doesn't work so far.
Or ss there an other way to change that order?

Steps to Reproduce:
1) Combine two channels.
2) Open the 'Edit channel' window in a channel list for the channel you combined
3) Try to change the order of the entries in the list.
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    Hello and welcome tih :)

    You're right - you can't change the order. This is a limitation of TV Server's capabilities. It was never intended to support reordering or drag + drop. Technically there is no guarantee about which tuning detail would be used to tune the channel, so even if you could change the order it would not necessarily solve your problem.

    There is no real solution to this problem, because once you combine channels there is no way to link or unlink those "sub channels" from the tuners. So you can't force the HD version to be tuned that way.

    In your case I can only suggest to not combine those channels.


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