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January 6, 2013
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I normally have the settings to see all episodes in the menu. After I temporarily (or so I thought) changing to see only unwatched episodes, I cannot change back to see the old episodes in the menu.
I can see the old episodes in Kodi, in the MP-TVSeries configuration, on the NAS, but not in the MP menu. Even if I select to show all episodes, I can onlysee not watched episodes.
I have tried two skin, Avalanche and PurevisionHD, but the issue remains. Has anyone seen this issue, and possibly solved it?


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    There is two possibilities, you have entered the view 'Unwatched' in which case set the view back to 'All' or something else. The other possibility is that you enabled the Filter for Unwatched episodes (this can apply to any view as an additional filter), in which case unset that. Depending on your skin both options can be available in the skins side menu but if you don't see it there use the f9 / Info menu when you select a series.

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