Can this be added to the "Now Playing" hidden menu?


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September 30, 2007

All righty then,....

I finally added the option to select "visualizations" from the hidden menu panel in the "mymusic.hiddenmenu.xml" file.

Being that I own the MS remote that a button can't be mapped to use with visuals.
And also a PITA to keep on going back to main screen (I added the visuals button to a sub menu),.... just to execute the visuals.

Which I'm very happy with this. Works excellent!!!!

.....Now I have a different problem.
I'm trying to also add the button to the "MyMusicPlayingNowLedVU.xml"
of style2 folder. (This is the one I picked when I installed the StreamedMP skin).

I can't get the button to show up.
Is there any way to add this visuals button to the empty area between the browse music and lyrics buttons?

This is what I added to the "mymusic.hiddenmenu.xml" file. below, to get the button to show up and work. I didn't need radio in the hidden menu because I have a button on my remote for that, so I swapped.


"So is there any way to add this button to the playing now hidden menu??"

Need help please.
Thanks all.
Visuals in hidden menus.jpg
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