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November 6, 2008
I hate to double post, but it appears the support sub-forums don't generate much traffic, so I reposted in the more general support area. I apologize if I overstepped some.:eek:

I finally was able to get my laptop, which has only the MP Client installed to access the drives on my HomePC Machine, and to stream on my WLAN both music and video (no live TV yet).

Now, since I spend 75% or more of my time on the road for work. I'd like to be able to access the Media on my HomePC while on the road.

Can MP webstream the videos to my Laptop when I am outside of my WLAN? If so, whats the best approach to doing so? I'm guessing one possible solution is to set up a home ftp, and have the MP client on the laptop access the ftp Media drives. Would that be the best approach?

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