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  • April 15, 2007
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    I was using aMPdroid 1.13 pro more or less successfully on my Note 4 for a few months, but since upgrading to Android 5.1.1 on the Note 4 and to MP version 1.12, I can no longer connect aMPdroid to MP extended (0.54)
    I am using the manual method because the barcode scanner required for the QR code recognition requests more access privileges than I find appropriate, and clicking "scan" in aMPdroid produces no visible response.
    When I enter all of the information in the aMPdroid "Add new client" dialog and click "Request access to service", I get the expected popup on my HTPC asking for confirmation. When I click the "Grant" button in this dialog, the aMPdroid dialog again shows the "Request access ..." button. If I then click "OK" in the aMPdroid dialog, no new client appears in the list. At no time does any error message appear on either the Note 4 or the HTPC. I am using authentication as recommended and have deleted and recreated the account in MP extended to make sure I am using the correct account and password.
    Adding to the frustration is aMPdroid's inability to maintain its state through a change in the Note's display orientation. If I lay down the Note or inadvertently tip it, aMPdroid closes the dialog and I have to start over again from scratch. This is really a pain, especially with the entry of the MAC address, which requires repeated switching between the standard and symbol keyboards in order to enter the requested delimiters.
    How can I get this to work, or at least troubleshoot the problem?


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    August 23, 2015
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    the grant access doesn't work so well if I recall correctly.

    I've done the scan QR as well as manual configuration not in advanced mode. if you use your admin account it should connect without issue.

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