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August 25, 2006
When connecting to my TvServer (that is on another computer) I get this:

"Connected to TvServer, Unable to connect to database"

If I run the client on the same computer as TvServer all works good, no error.

TV server and mediaportal are latest SVN builds downloaded today.

Any suggestions, settings in SQL server?

TVserver runs on a Windows2003 server, English langue, region settings: Swedish


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August 25, 2006
Configured, oh yes. I have followed the instructions videos. ANd I have now configured SQL server as link above this post suggested, but still no change. I can't connect to DB.

Mike F.

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January 23, 2007
Austria Austria
Same Error Message

I have also the Message 'Connected to TvServer, unable to connect to DataBase'

I think its because of a Timout.
When I use the SQL Server Managment Console on 'Remote PC' I have to increase the Connection Timeout, to get Connection.

I have also found, that Connection String in 'Gentle.Config' always contains the Server Name, even if i put IP-Addr. in TvPlugin Setup.



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  • October 29, 2005
    Hungary Hungary
    put into the client hosts file the server name + ip address
    may be a resolve issue


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    August 25, 2006
    Well I started "SQL Browser" and it works :)

    How do the client comunicate to the server? If it's via a webservice or remoting then I don't see why I need SQL Browsing running.


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    March 21, 2006
    It works connecting using cabled LAN. Using wireless with my Linksys WRT54G it doesn't work.
    Probably Nat not help. I'll try to understand.

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