[confirm] Can't return to parent directory in Music, Photos sections (1 Viewer)


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October 30, 2006
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For some items in the music and photo section, i can't seem to return to the previous "folder" or view using the back button on remote, or the U button on keyboard.

1. open music section, shows a list of artists
2. select Artist X, shows albums from Artist X
3. try to go back to artist list using back button on remote, or U button on keyboard
4. a. if remote used, then Music plugin exits completely to last screen (home screen, TV Guide, etc...)
b. if keyboard used, nothing happens
5. have to use the ".." item in the list to return to artist view

Same thing happens with photos... I cannot navigate parent folder on remote or keyboard
eg. go to Pics\2011\Event... cannot navigate back to Pics\2011 using keyboard or remote... have to use ".." item

and the annoying thing is sometimes the ".." isn't always in a consistent location... sometimes i see this

I didn't test the Picture plugin thoroughly, but i did try this with multiple artists and views in Music and it seems to only affect certain artists that i select.

i've looked through my logs but i can't seem to make anything of them... the first log is me opening the Music plugin, selecting an artist, and going back one level (it works OK)... i repeat with the next artist on the list... then the third artist I select, i cannot use the U key to return to the artist view. I can't see any errors in the logs to say why it is not going back.

The second set of logs is me doing the same thing in the picture plugin. Again, I can't see any messages explaining why it won't go back a level

Also reported here: https://forum.team-mediaportal.com/threads/strange-behaviour-in-video-list.124143/#post-1057051
seems a few others are having the same problem... i'm surprised there aren't more reports. Maybe it's just a few of us who configured something wrong.

Thanks for your time


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October 30, 2006
Canada Canada
Sorry, but I may have confused two separate issues into one post...

good to see the ".." issue fixed (LOL that the "bug" has been there always!)

but what about the keyboard and remote not being able to go back? that is my main issue.
it seems also, that the two may be related... whenever the ".." is out of place, it seems that the keyboard "U" shortcut, and the back button on the remote don't work as they should


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    There is change (and bug fix) on future 1.7.0 about eventghost / keyboard etc. so maybe it will be fixed :)
    The '..' is not in 1.7.0 Pre-release but can be in final is good result about the branch :)

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