Ceton infinitv channel are red not green after initial setup (1 Viewer)


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August 5, 2019
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Tried scanning channels and it returns all the channels but their all red and preview show black screen.
I have Ceton Infinitv 4 and FIOS (now Frontier). Channels work fine with WMC running on W8 but I'm trying to move forward for when that fateful day comes that W8 is no longer supported. This will be my second run at MP over the past couple of years and the result is the same. Thought I would post here before a give it a total fail. Yes I have read a few setup guides but most have holes in thwem in my view and they don't seem too precise in the setup for my configuration. I've tried scanning with a few different configurations with mixed results but the end result for the working scanns is as I have stated above.


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    Tried scanning channels and it returns all the channels but their all red and preview show black screen.
    MP cannot handle encrypted channels; only WMC can do that (with its "PlayReady" software, I think). Are the channels that you are trying to receive encrypted?

    Unfortunately, the Ceton tuner and similar units from other manufacturers are unique to the USA market, so MP users in other parts of the world have no experience of these tuners and how to set them up. If the MP Wiki does not explain the setup procedure in enough detail, you will (I think) need to wait for an MP user living in the USA and using a cable tuner to notice this thread and contribute his knowledge. Sorry to be so negative.

    -- from CyberSimian in the UK

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