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Update! :sorry:

Sorry guys! Even though the great MePo developers has created a perfect IPTV filter, there is other problems with IPTV from Telenor! They have started to pair the smart card with STBs, and that puts an effective stopper for us to watch encrypted channels :( There is no known way today to use a hardware CAM module with the IPTV filter in MePo, and Telenor has also stated pretty clear that they not will support any official CAM modules, or pair the smart card with any 3. party CAM modules. :mad:

I which there were anything I could do to contribute further, but I can't see how we can utilize our legally valid subscriptions with 3. party equipment any more to consume the IPTV stream that we legally subscribe to! :mad:

M**pi does unfortunately not work any more due to card paring. :mad:

FTA channels and all radio channels still works perfect, but how fun is that? Especially since Telenor randomly changes what channels that are FTA :eek:


Hi All!

The Norwegian ISP Telenor offers IPTV to their customer. This is NOT a free service and you need to subscribe to be able to tune in the channels. I have gathered all available rtp streams for TV channels, and some of the Radio channels (.m3u attached). Most of the TV channels are encrypted with Conax and the radio channels are FTA.

List of all streams
Fiber IPTV from Telenor 			
		SD		SD/HD	
Source IP	
TV channel			IP		Port	Encrypted
NRK1 HD / Østafjells	5500	Yes
NRK1 - Østnytt	5500	Yes
NRK1 - Vestlandsrevyen	5500	Yes
NRK1 - Møre og Romsdal	5500	Yes
NRK1 - Nordland	5500	Yes
NRK1 - Rogaland	5500	Yes
NRK1 - Sørlandet	5500	Yes
NRK1 - Nordnytt	5500	Yes
NRK1 - Midtnytt	5500	Yes
NRK1 - Østfold	5500	Yes
NRK1 - Østlandssenningen	5500	Yes
NRK2	5500	Yes
NRK3	5500	Yes
TV2 HD	5500	Yes
TV3	5500	Yes
TV Norge	5500	Yes
FEM	5500	Yes
MAX	5500	Yes
Viasat 4	5500	Yes
TV2 Zebra	5500	Yes
TV2 bliss	5500	Yes
TV4	5500	No
SVT1 HD	5500	Yes
SVT2	5500	No
BBC World News	5500	No
TV2 Nyhetskanalen	5500	Yes
NRK Tegnspråk	5500	Yes
TV Norge HD	5500	Yes
BBC HD	5500	Yes
BBC Entertainment	5500	Yes
BBC Knowledge	5500	Yes
BBC LifeStyle	5500	Yes
TLV Norge	5500	Yes
Discovery HD	5500	Yes
Discovery Channel	5500	Yes
National Geographic Wild HD	5500	Yes
National Geographic HD	5500	Yes
National Geographic	5500	Yes
Animal Planet HD	5500	Yes
Animal Planet	5500	No
History Channel HD	5500	Yes
History Channel	5500	Yes
Travel Channel	5500	Yes
Eurosport HD	5500	Yes
Eurosport	5500	Yes
Eurosport 2	5500	Yes
ESPN Classic Sports PL	5500	Yes
ESPN America	5500	Yes
CNN	5500	Yes
Sky News	5500	Yes
Bloomberg	5500	Yes
Al Yeszeera International	5500	Yes
Euronews	5500	Yes
Disney Channel	5500	Yes
Disney Playhouse	5500	No
Disney XD	5500	Yes
Cartoon Network	5500	Yes
Nickelodeon	5500	Yes
Boomerang	5500	Yes
MTV	5500	Yes
VH1	5500	Yes
VH1 Classic	5500	Yes
Silver HD	5500	Yes
Silver	5500	Yes
TV2 Filmkanalen	5500	Yes
TCM	5500	Yes
Star	5500	Yes
Canal+ Film HD	5500	Yes
Canal+ First	5500	Yes
Canal+ Hits	5500	Yes
Canal+ Action	5500	Yes
Canal+ Series	5500	Yes
Canal+ Drama	5500	Yes
SF Kanalen	5500	Yes
Canal+ Sport HD	5500	Yes
Canal+ Fotball	5500	Yes
Canal+ Sport 2	5500	Yes
Canal+ Sport 3	5500	Yes
Canal+ Sport Extra	5500	Yes
Canal+ Hockey	5500	Yes
Discovery World	5500	Yes
Discovery Science	5500	Yes
Showtime	5500	Yes
E!	5500	Yes
MTV HD	5500	Yes
National Geographic Wild	5500	Yes
Viasat Crime	5500	Yes
Viasat Explorer	5500	Yes
Viasat History	5500	Yes
Viasat Nature	5500	Yes
Viasat Hockey	5500	Yes
Viasat Sport	5500	Yes
Viasat Sport HD	5500	Yes
Viasat Motor	5500	Yes
Viasat Golf	5500	Yes
Viasat Fotball	5500	Yes
TV1000	5500	Yes
TV1000 Nordic	5500	Yes
TV1000 Family	5500	Yes
TV1000 Action	5500	Yes
TV1000 Drama	5500	Yes
Tv1000 Clasic	5500	Yes
TV1000 HD	5500	Yes
Playboy TV	5500	Yes
Spice	5500	Yes
Zone Reality	5500	Yes
TV2 Sport	5500	Yes
TV2 Sport 2	5500	Yes
TV2 Sport 3	5500	Yes
TV2 Sport 4	5500	Yes
TV2 Sport 5	5500	Yes
TV2 BPL HD 1	5500	Yes
TV2 BPL HD 2	5500	Yes
TV2 BPL HD 3	5500	Yes
Blue Hustler (*)	5500	Yes
Adult Channel	5500	Yes
Motors TV	5500	Yes
The Poker Channel	5500	Yes
Radio channel	(not complete, didn't bother sniffing those:) ) 		
NRK P1	5500	No
NRK P2	5500	No
NRK P3	5500	No
NRK mP3	5500	No
NRK Alltid Nyheter	5500	No
NRK Folkemusikk	5500	No
NRK Klassisk	5500	No
NRK Yeszz	5500	No
NRK været til sjøs	5500	No
Radio Norge	5500	No

To be able to use Telenor IPTV in MePo you need to do the following.
  1. Copy the attached Norway.TelenorFiber.m3u file into the \tuningParameters\dvbip\ folder
  2. Follow the instructions given in this thread and replace the MPIPTVsource filter with the patched one. Necessary to be able to connect to rtp streams.
  3. Configure TV server and scan for channels on the DVB-IP MediaPortal IP Card. Select Norway.TelenorFiber from the drop down list.
  4. Create as many IP cards as your bandwidth can handle (I use 8 cards :D )
  5. Enable CAM support on the DVB-IP cards
    [*]Sort out your Conax CAM solution (Radio and FTA channels tunes fine without) ;)
  6. Enjoy IPTV in MePo!




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    Re: [Confirmed Working] IPTV for Norwegian provider Telenor

    Dear Paakr,
    Could you please give me your setup for the IPTV? It looks like I'm looking for a same setup. IPTV, Conax CAM, etc. Do you have CI module in your PC?



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    Re: [Confirmed Working] IPTV for Norwegian provider Telenor


    See my update to this thread, and I have also answered you in the IPTV / CAM thread that you started.



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    January 16, 2009
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    I`ve just changed from the TV provider Get to Telenor... So this means that I have to switch back to Get again?
    I really dont get it, the STBs most of the providers offer is rubbish, and yet we are not allowed to view the channels we have paid for on an other system like Mediaportal. Shame on you!!


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    All I can say is "vote with your money"!
    I don't like this any more than you do. When the providers start to use pairing though, there really is nothing we can do. :(


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    June 30, 2008
    Norway Norway
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    All I can say is "vote with your money"!
    I don't like this any more than you do. When the providers start to use pairing though, there really is nothing we can do. :(
    It's a shame, but little we can do. :(


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