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  • March 10, 2006
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    @Lichloathe curious myself now how your test with new DLL went, but was it also `any` key causing the error, or certain specific keys only?

    I extracted the "Microsoft Keyboard Diagnostics" (MS Key) utility from their old Intelli drivers, but having trouble locating direct download at MSFT site.

    So, to make it easier for ya, I've attached 7-zip file, and program requires no installation.

    See if the keys pressed cause any weird behavior, as you might have some third party util installed that came with keyboard/mouse.

    Each key will create a "(make)" and "(break)" entry as expected, and the HEX code at the end are the important one. It has been like over a decade since I delved deep into MediaPortal HID stuff to get my AMD remotes to work, and since they still work I never had a need to mess with custom HID codes. I have some faint memory that MediaPortal has some HID keycode tool build in to allow you to check, but for life of me I can't remember and stupid RDPWrap is broken right now after Windows 10 update and I forgot to make a backup.

    I'm hoping it will somehow register extra codes for you, or repeats that shouldn't happen (just have app open with MediaPortal windowed). It is a long shot, but worth a try if @Sebastiii DLL doesn't immediately solve it for ya.



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  • July 25, 2007
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    Thanks, I’ll have a chance to try these options tomorrow as I’m a bit busy until then. I’ll let you know in about 24 hours.


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  • July 25, 2007
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    No luck on both counts. The V5 core etc makes no difference and the HID program shows no signs of anything unusual. All key presses and responses are normal.
    I will note that after a few tests the HID error in the log only corresponds with the mouse pointer showing after it has hidden. So if I use MP with just the keyboard, no error. If I use it with the keyboard but choose to move the external mouse, I get the HID error.
    This machine has a Microsoft wireless mobile mouse 4000 with default windows drivers using a nano transceiver v1.0.
    If I use the internal mouse or my other logitech combo on the laptop I don't get the HID error. Seems unrelated to my GUI crash.

    Nothing new to show so I haven't posted any logs. I must have a gremlin so I'll keep hunting.

    Thanks guys.


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  • November 12, 2007
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    Hi, Are you available to direct remote connection? :p For testing?

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