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Discussion in 'MediaPortal 1.2.0 BETA' started by Andrew H, July 18, 2011.

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    The issue this thread was addressing had to do with UNmounting an .iso file using DaemonTools. I'd suggest if your issue is in mounting it is not the same... do you have DT configured correctly, do you have the same device number and logical drive letter from DT and in your MP configuration? Does your system have conflict with the parameters DT has selected (e.g. is it an unused logical drive letter), or do you need to reassign it in DT? What OS, what DT version? Try running MP in a window while you have Explorer open - this way you can see the system bar (and monitor DT for what it has mounted) and your drives under My Computer. As DT mounts the .iso you should see that file show up as a DVD drive entitled with the .iso name. Also, when all is well you'll see DT unmount (in my case back to Device 0; [H:] No Media) when you quit playing the file inside MP.

    Let us know...

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    Thanks for your efforts to help Andrew. Actually all that is changed in my system is upgrading from 1.2.1 (with the patch from this thread applied) to 1.2.2 so I would think that settings must be correct (as they were working on 1.2.1).

    Before applying the patch from this thread on 1.2.1 I also had problems mounting. But it do seems do be another issue now since this is working for several others on 1.2.2. Also as sebastii pointed out MP did actually crash hard on 1.2.1, now it is "only" hanging.

    Posting logs I guess is the only option for me now to get help (and I will as soon as the rest of the family lets me :) )

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