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January 2, 2016
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Hi, I have two versions of the same movie (Cloud Atlas), one in English, the other in French. I am trying to translate the story plot of the French version directly in MP2 database (Datastore) using SQLiteStudio.
I was trying to use the table M_PROVIDERRESOURCE to identify file's MEDIA_ITEM_ID but I found out three PATH values for the movie. One for the English version (RESOURCE=2), and two ??? for the French one (RESOURCE=0 and 1), both french version having the same PATH (filename). Furthermore all the files have the same MEDIA_ITEM_ID, which surprises me.
Is there any documentation that explains the database tables and columns? Or tools I could use to make these changes? I would really appreciate understanding how to edit the database in order to adapt movies description and being able to choose between the English and French version.

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