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    By the way, did you check the input mapper plugin? Probably it could do what you want already.

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    By the way, did you check the input mapper plugin? Probably it could do what you want already.
    Yes thanks, but I am already aware of the input mapper and I mentioned in keyboard shortcuts that using the input mapper requires configuring the keyboard on every client, whether by manually mapping the keys or possibly copying a configuration file. My personal preference (and also speaking from my experience of professional video player development) is for pre-defined shortcut keys to be native to MP2.


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    I would like to know if shortcuts will finally be included in MP2.
    From my sofá, I cannot use mouse but I do use keyboard (my remote was broken and I am not sure which remotes are compatible with MP2), so failing to incorporate this will probably means a downgrade to MP1, as MP2 keyboard usability is very poor. :(
    Thanks and I hope it could be included very soon (it is also a basic accessibility requirement).
    Any chance that the patch will be included in next MP2 version? I know (reading you) that it can be improved a lot, but meanwhile it would be wonderful to provide some keyboard controls...
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