[further infos missing] Deleting all TV channels and all channel groups in "MP 2 TV configuration" fails (1 Viewer)

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November 11, 2018
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MediaPortal 2 Version: 2.2

I am new to MP, maybe 4 hours, so I apologize upfront for this report.
I use a DVBSKY s950 satellite card and imported from KingOfSat for 28.2East Astra 2E/2F/2G some 697 channels. These channels are distributed into channel groups per: country, provider, genre and language. In total approx 80 channel groups. The import file is attached.
I am trying to delete all TV channels and all channel groups (approx: 80 groups). I can select all TV channels and delete them but when I am deleting the empty Channel groups after a number of deletes the program hangs. This also applies when the channel groups are not empty: the program hangs, The only way out is then to delete "Setup TV (32 bit)" from the task manager (Windows 10 x64).
The displayed "MP 2 TV configuration" window shows sometimes red lines or a mis-place "<", see attached files.
I tried to add a log file but the link to the "Bug Reports and Log Files" refers to a none existing page. :)))

Steps to Reproduce:
Just try to delete all channel groups one by one (I have more then 70 groups)



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    The displayed "MP 2 TV configuration" window shows sometimes red lines or a mis-place "<", see attached files.
    I've never seen anything like this before nor am I aware of such issues for MP1/MP2. Very strange. Looks more like a graphics driver problem. Please post your logs as explained in the WIki under Bug Reports and Log Files.

    In total approx 80 channel groups.
    Hhm, such a number is unusually high. I guess you are using the auto-group function. Consider not creating auto-groups. Instead use the initial large group that contains all channels after the scan. You can create your own empty group and add the channels you are interested in from the context-menu.

    If you would like to start the TV part all over again, you can stop the Windows "MP2 Server Service", delete (or rather rename) the MpTv database in the ProgamData folder and restart the service. A new empty database will then be created and you can redo your sat scan.

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