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April 18, 2020
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Hi, new user. While debugging why I couldn't watch TV on a remote client via the Kodi Mediaportal PVR add-on, I noticed it only worked when my MP2 server host's display was turned on... and it turns out it's not just a problem with remote clients.

Live TV and the ability to record are impossible while the host's display is inactive. Full stop.

The MP2 server host is a HTPC, the display is a TV. I'm running MP2 2.2.2* on Windows 10 x64. Graphics is AMD Vega 8, bundled with a Ryzen 2200G. Software has been updated recently. *(Running 2.2.2 because 2.2.3 did not work with Kodi)

With the TV off:

* I can see the screen via remote viewing software, the MP2 front end program runs fine - but when I try to watch live TV, nothing happens.

* I can view live EPG data, and scheduling can be performed both via the external Kodi client as well as directly on the host via remote viewing software - but no action will take place when the time comes to record.

* I can watch pre-recorded content remotely via the external Kodi client as well as browsing through shared folders in e.g. Windows Explorer from another PC.

* Every other aspect of the PC seems to run just fine whilst the TV is off. With the remote viewing software, I can even play back media running directly on the host, e.g. music in Winamp, video in MPC-HC, or pre-recorded TV in MP2, and see it working in action and hear it with external speakers.

What the hell is going on, and how can I fix it? Not being able to record with the TV off is a deal breaker.



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April 18, 2020
Australia Australia
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Dumb mistake on my part. Forgot my TV signal amplifier was powered by my TV. Whoops.

Plugged it into my HTPC and it all works now.

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