divx 7 - player works fine / divx 7 codec in MP not (1 Viewer)

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February 3, 2008
TV-Server Version:
MediaPortal Version: 0.2.3
MediaPortal Skin: xface
Windows Version: xp - sp3
CPU Type: amd x2 4400+ AM2
HDD: samsung 320gb
Memory: 2 x 1 gb (800er)
Motherboard: msi neo
Video Card: ati x800
Video Card Driver: 8.10
Sound Card: club 3d thetron 7.1 dd
Sound Card AC3: optical out
h.264 Video Codec: coreavc 1.8.5 / divx 7 h.264


i tried to use divx 7 h.264 codec with mp.

hannibal rising 1080 - with divx player works perfect but in mp it stutters a lot.

with divx 7 player i only have cpu load 20-30%

in mp, with divx 7 h264 codec i have a cpu load 80 - 90 %

can anybody help me? graphedit says that the correct codec is used.

:sorry: for my english

edit: with coreavc same problem, i tried also mp 1.0 - same problem

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