DJBlu's Custom Sky Data Grabber for MP1.9 onwards


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October 7, 2008

Original thread - more documentation and earlier versions available here -

Comprehensive installation guide

Please find attached a universal installer for MediaPortal 1.9. This will install full MediaPortal 1.9 with the Sky Grabber modification integrated. This installer should work if you're installing MP for the first time or upgrading from a relatively recent (probably about 1.4 onwards) version of MP.

EDIT - 1.10 & 1.11 available now - linked at the bottom of this post. All the points below still apply.

Please read the following points carefully
  • This installer has the standard protection that prevents upgrade from previous GIT installations disabled. This allows you to install this modified MP version over a previous modified MP version. The installer will tell you that you cannot upgrade an earlier GIT version, but it will allow you to do it anyway. Please only install this version over previous Sky Grabber modified versions of MP. You risk losing data if you install over other non-standard versions of MP.
  • If you have never installed MP before, this installer will be all you need. You do not need to copy any additional DLLs and you don't need to install any other MP versions first.
  • If you already have MP installed, this installer will still be all you need. It will upgrade an existing version.
  • Installing MediaPortal 1.9 from this installer seemed to reset my Titan skin settings. I suspect that this standard behaviour and not a specific issue with this installer. Running the Titan editor and simply saving without changing anything reset my settings back to how they were before the install.
  • This version has a few additional log entries during install so if you have issues please post your logs on this thread.
  • This customisation is not officially supported by Team MediaPortal. There is limited support available for this customised version of MediaPortal.
  • There's a fair bit of new code in here. I've tested it successfully myself but I'd advise letting a few people test and feed back first, before everyone installs it.
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  • January 12, 2009
    Just upgraded. Only one issue aside from the one you reported ears, Titan was reset for me too, and that was MySQL didn't stop in a timely manner. But tbh it was doing that anyway.

    Cheers ears, that worked really well!


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    December 4, 2007
    I got this msg when installing over the previous most recent version, just in case it's of any any importance.

    "Invalid file handle 92 "

    I'm not 100% sure if it was 92 or some other number.

    The installation continued as normal and I seem to have started up okay now.


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    October 18, 2012
    absolutely amazing work, ears! upgraded perfectly in literally seconds (using streamedMP skin). i used to only update with every even number build, due to having to do a complete uninstall beforehand (and with my particular setup, this was VERY time-consuming), but this is just fantastic that it now updates custom builds!
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    November 16, 2010
    Southampton, United Kingdom
    thanks @ears Just updated from 1.6 to 1.9 last night. went in tv server config stopped the service manually and started the update with your installer every thing went smoothly and working as it should and for the first time ever installation did retain my setting as well. So many thanks for continuing @DJBlu work.


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    July 5, 2005
    ears - thanks for doing this.

    I've just upgraded from 1.6 - not sure whether it is because I'm using MS Sql or older version of MP, but it seems to have dropped all the data.
    No worries for me as I'd backed up, but just to flag.


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    January 12, 2009
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    I just tried this and MySQL now seems to be broken, I can't connect to it from the PC it's running on. Any ideas on how to fix?

    Update - fixed it, eventually. Not sure what happened there, completely unrelated to this grabber I think.
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    April 15, 2014
    I'm having trouble getting this working.

    I just upgraded from the 1.7.0 hotfix to the 1.9.0 pre-release. I've never used the custom sky data grabber before but wanted to start using it (I was using the webEPG plugin before with freesat).

    I upgraded again using the installer in this thread and followed the instructions above. When I get to the stage of clicking "Grab" on the general tab of the plugin config, it comes back with "UnknownError". Tried a couple of times and got the same. No channels whatsoever in the channel list at that point.

    When I looked in the logs there was an error about some missing columns in the "Program" table in the database. Could this be because I'm using the sky grabber for the first time and those columns have never been added (I notice the original post advises to only install this version over previous sky grabber-modified versions)?

    I can't post the logs at the moment I'm afraid as I've done a reinstall and restored my old database to get the TV working again. If need be I can try the upgrade again and post results.


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    April 15, 2014
    Any help with this? Can't get it working with either the 1.9.0 Final version on the homepage, or with the installation file posted in this thread.

    If I try and use the sky grabber with the MediaPortal 1.9.0 Final version, TV Server config exits with this error:

    Problem signature:
      Problem Event Name:    CLR20r3
      Problem Signature 01:    SetupTv.exe
      Problem Signature 02:
      Problem Signature 03:    54168061
      Problem Signature 04:    Custom Data Grabber
      Problem Signature 05:
      Problem Signature 06:    4e5261dd
      Problem Signature 07:    1d
      Problem Signature 08:    0
      Problem Signature 09:    System.MissingMethodException
      OS Version:    6.3.9600.
      Locale ID:    2057
      Additional Information 1:    5861
      Additional Information 2:    5861822e1919d7c014bbb064c64908b2
      Additional Information 3:    d1d9
      Additional Information 4:    d1d94a13d3609d6b740644c12508f581
    Read our privacy statement online:
    If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:

    If I try to use the version posted in this thread, I see some SQL errors in the logs (I've now uploaded the logs) and I can't even timeshift channels any more. Note that this happens before I even try a grab with the custom grabber.

    The SQL errors only appear in the logs when using the installer version posted in this thread. I suspect it's something to do with the fact that I'm using SQL Server rather than MySQL.
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